The Personal Touch

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The personal touch -> acknowledgement of artist to fan / business to customer

There are many that say “Personal branding is the key” and that it’s the way to success… But why?

Working online for over 10 years, I found out that it’s not the fact that the physical person is across the customer. It is the acknowledgement that the receiver gets. It makes them feel special and appreciated and sometimes even turns them into advocates of whatever the sender is offering or sharing.

A perfect example is NY based rapper Ryan Leslie. Ryan’s an independent artist and entrepreneur who started a new phone-based app SUPERPHONE. The sole purpose of this app is connecting fans and consumers with the artist or business and enabling them to understand their audience which potentially results in a better experience, thus more sales.

Not only does this enable the artist to acknowledge the fan or the business the customer, but it opens up another way to start collaborations. Collaborations of joint forces that result in a new project or product that is eventually revenue generating.

As you see, the personal touch is a way to connect and learn from your audience. Whoever you have in front of you, just ask what you need to know. If you want to share your content (a blog post, meme or video) figure out what your audience currently watches and match your brand or product against it to produce a converting creative. Do your research and create a target that you can easily communicate with… Basically your ideal customer.

When you send an e-mail simply ASK for a reply to start the conversation. Be available, and actively connect with people you think might help spread your word. The bigger your network, the bigger your profits. Your network is your net-worth.

Action Tips

Go to your favorite autoresponder and create a new list. Create a new opt-in form, create a copy of your landing page and connect that new opt-in form with that new page.

Build a list with that page, and setup a 7 day autoresponder series where you repeatedly ask for contact. Ask them to reply to the “lead magnet” you gave them. Ask for their opinions, thoughts and work your way into figuring out what people want. Once you know what people want?

Give it to them.

Find a way that you can make a profit of what they want. It sounds cold. Find someone -> Figure out what they want -> Sell it to them and make a profit. But in the end, that’s the simple formula of business. But in the end it doesn’t matter what they want, it matters how you bring it to them.

Let me ask you this: who’d you rather buy from… A sales person who pushes you to buy that new TV? … Or Tom! Your new friend who drinks the same beer while watching “THE GAME” JUST like you do :O

And if you combine the above with genuine love for your product, knowing that you have something that can benefit the person you give it to + a good service that backs up your product… You have a winner.


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