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SaaS vs On-Premise – Good vs Bad?

Running multiple software script companies and projects before, I knew immediately when I started a new project I had an important choice to make: SaaS vs On-Premise... Back in 2015, I started working on a project for myself to build up alongside the FB Group Auto...

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The Personal Touch

The personal touch -> acknowledgement of artist to fan / business to customer There are many that say “Personal branding is the key” and that it’s the way to success… But why? Working online for over 10 years, I found out that it’s not the fact that the physical...

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Own What You Build.

Working with a lot of people in a lot of different industries, a few years ago my focus was shifted towards the music business while working with Ryan Leslie on a project of his. In doing so, talking to him and looking at what he’s doing I came to realise that being...

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The Definition of Success

Back in high school, I always thought of success. “I’m 14 now, in just 2 years I'll get my scooter certificate and in 4 I’ll have a car, live on my own… How am I gonna do all that?” People seem to consider success a privilege and something that comes easy while in...

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