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Back in the day when we got started – in 2012/2013 – we had never even heard of e-mail marketing. We started off as a 1 man company (Just Aron) who handled everything: the website, the app, the customer service, seo, blog articles but most importantly: the marketing.

At Aron & Sharon, we’re self thought like many of you out there, meaning that we learned as our little business grew to adapt to the situation we’d been given and worked our asses off to success. Aron started as a web designer, period. 

No SEO, no Marketing -although he worked at a call center- Online, no app development, nothing. Just web design. 

As he started to learn more about all of this, he soon realised the SEO was the way to go. Finding a good domain name and ranking it to appear on the first pages of all search engines, we believe that you set yourself up for the future. We are in a position where we start a project, work on SEO to rank the site and once ranked we simply let it sit. Traffic builds up organically and therefore have the best converting traffic generating leads and eventually sales.

In a matter of months, we’d built up a little network of domains of which some ranked on the first page. We setup a landing page, added our opt-in form and started to build what we all hear so much about: an e-mail list.

Within weeks we had a “list” of a whopping 150+ leads and had no clue what to do with them… Ok come on, we knew that we had to email them… Duhhh… But how? Send them all an e-mail at once? 

Working at a call center, Aron knew that “mentioning the customers name in a conversation works in the benefit of your relationship” but had no clue that this also applied to bulk e-mailing.

Long story short, we’ve built our business on e-mail marketing. We learned it all: the well known autoresponder systems, copy, highlighting, repeating links in the e-mail so people don’t have to scroll back and forth and all the other little things that you need to think about while writing your e-mails.

As you can imagine, over the years we’ve sent so many e-amils that we learned what worked and what didn’t. Not by reading a book, not by buying an expensive e-course on “Generate 6 Figures in 4 weeks with e-mail marketing”: we learned it by testing to see what works and what doesn’t and we’ve built up quite a few tips & tricks of our own.

The one we feel is the most important: Connect 1 on1 with your leads.

We’re not suggesting that you should call them, meetup and have dinner with them or start a business together but when you e-mail them… ASK for a reply. 

“Let me know how you’re doing {FIRSTNAME}!?” or“Reply to this e-mail if you need me, ok {FIRSTNAME}?”

This doubled, if not tripled our results. Why? Because the people that respond took the time to:

  1. Opt-In to your list
  2. Put in valid details so they actually get your e-mail (don’t take this for granted!)
  3. Open the e-mail you’ve sent them

You asked if you could be of help – in this case – so you should expect some response. By applying this simple thing into your e-mails, you actually get the chance to “filter” out the people that are actually interested to work with you.

Apply this to your e-mails, and let us know how it works for you!!!


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