Predicting The Future

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In this post we’re going to predict the future: Bots for Messenger is going to be one of the next biggest selling platforms that will be available to the general public.

It could be used to generate income online more easily than ever.

The simple fact alone that you can now auto-reply to a Messenger message is going to absolutely change the game:
Imagine being able to predict the question that the customer will ask you, and auto replying to that within just five minutes.

But not only that the: Facebook API is now allowing you to build your own custom bots. 
What we’re planning to do is create an application that allows to define keywords and based upon those keywords you’re going to be able to auto-reply a Message to your potential customer.

Once this is done we’ll release a beta version to the public where people are able to get in for life and get limited updates, support, feature requests and so much more. 

Imagine the ability to create an autoresponder for your messenger app…
That’s all we’re going to say about it though because we’re already working on a platform for you to use… We’re looking forward to inviting you soon to what we predict is the future of online selling.

Aron & Sharon


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